Mike Steve AdeleyeMike-Steve Adeleye, is a graduate of the National Film Institute in Nigeria, an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent Campus, and a passionate filmmaker that truly believes ‘if it can be imagined, then it can be shot.’

He has travelled wide making Fiction, TV commercials, documentaries and adding computer generated visual effects to films.

Mike-Steve’s films have gained recognition and awards at several film festivals and events including the ANIWA, Zuma, NISSFEST, the National Film Festival, AMAA, the Berlinale, Sehsuechte, and Real Time Film Festival amongst others.

With experience spanning through producing, directing, writing, editing, visual effects, and animation in film, video and TV, Mike-Steve has worked as Post Supervisor at the BBC; Commissioned Animator and Documentarian with TVe UK; Editor and Colourist with the Namibian Film commission on Namibia’s first TV Drama series The Ties that bind; Project coordinator and Producer for the PEPFAR commissioned project, Tackling Peer Pressure and HIV/AIDS; Visual Effects Supervisor/Artist for a few features including Alero’s Symphony, Phone Swap, October 1, Okafor’s Law and Writer/Director of the award winning Love Hate & Ketchup.

He is presently Content Producer on Zuri24/Mnet’s hit TV Drama, Battleground.